Since you’re here you’ve probably heard how I have helped innovators un-freeze their projects and achieve that end goal of product roll-out, trade-sale or public listing, after getting their projects funded and commercialised.

I’ve had so many people ask me “how do you do it?” and “can you show me how to do the same thing?” that I’ve decided to put together this mentoring program, as a follow-on from the Commercialise Your Innovation course. It’s a step-by-step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to overcome all of the common roadblocks that we experience in the commercialisation process, without burning yourself out and still having a substantial share in the asset when you finally reach your exit.


check Personal, One-on-One coaching time with Daniel. As a VIP member, you’ll get to participate in the weekly power phone group sessions to speak with me or one of the expert members of my team. Together we’ll be able to overcome your unique commercialisation challenges and help you make the leap from the current way you do things, to my proven accelerated commercialisation formula. The value of this alone is priceless.
check Weekly e-classes which are emailed to you. These take you step-by-step through the whole Early-Stage Commercialisation blue-print, to help you make what you learned in your course, become a reality. Not only will you learn what to do – you will also understand why you are doing it.
check We help you implement our proven Capital-Raising system which you learned in our Innovation Course including a step-by-step structuring and presentation for prospective investors, help with identifying likely candidates and most importantly, having the right story and benefits for them, framed exactly how they want to hear it.
check Start your program to form collaborative partnerships with big firms which can leverage your IP asset with their markets and/or processes, to generate easy wins for both of you.
check Proven strategies to use the power of the global angel investment network system to attract investors so you can focus on the development and commercialisation with the knowledge that the funding is in place for you.
check Daniel will help you get more for your innovation, by teaching you how to slice the Cake better! Most teachings on the early-stages of commercialisation, are focused on the valuation of the IP. There is merit in looking at how you can slice the cake, so that your portion can grow with the others to become larger than the entire cake as it is now.
check Exclusive access to candid interviews with Current and Past Clients, who are already ‘kicking goals’ implementing the proven system that is being unveiled to you. They’ll reveal their tricks of the trade and help keep you motivated.
check A way to keep your project on a realistic schedule rather than be at the mercy of investors or grant providers.
check The system I use that allows me to charge more for IP project investment, based on optimum modelling. There is always more than one way to slice the pie and we also look at what each slice is worth to each party, giving you greater returns and a more substantial say in the project.
check Proven strategies to build your asset on your way to that big payday, so you can sell your retained equity for a tidy sum instead of walking away empty handed.
check A way to get around the objections of private lenders, in cases where debt finance or a combination, become the most attractive option.
check Numerous ways to generate investor interest and have them make decisions from the information packages you prepare and make available. Proven strategies that mean you get your pay-day even if you want to walk away and start on your next project. I’ll show you several ways to establish a process to feed your new ideas down the commercialisation money-channel, so eventually you become your own investment banker.

This program is only available to members who have completed the on-line course Commercialise Your Innovation and have fed their workbooks in for feedback and assessment. Part of the mentoring program is a comprehensive Business Diagnostic Review, which consists of a 170-point questionnaire, which must be completed on-line. This questionnaire must be completed within the first week of joining and becomes the foundation of the business mentoring relationship.

If you can’t seem to get investors interested in your invention, this FREE eBook will show you the 5 Critical Must-Have’s that you need, to get Funding for Your Business Idea and get your innovation project funded and back on track.


5 Critical Must-Haves to Get Funding for Your Intellectual Property Project

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Over 30 hours of instruction
25 years of examples
Professional IP Commercialisation experience, by the presenter
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Mastermind networking with others in your field


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