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Hi! I'm Daniel O'Connor. I have been helping inventors and innovators to take their ideas to market for more than 25 years. In that time, I have noticed that there are only 6 common roadblocks that all innovators will crash into, in the course of getting their ideas commercialised.

Because most of the Universities give you academic solutions that are designed for big companies with big budgets, I decided to cram all of my business consulting know-how into a 4-week on-line course, for inventors and entrepreneurs. This e-Book is a sample of your first roadblock - FUNDING.

I have just sent you your very own copy of this e-book, "5 Critical Must-Haves to get Funding for Your Business Idea" to your email address. As a special bonus, I would like to offer you a one-week course on intellectual property, which is a practical how-to guide to commercialise your ideas. If you have an intellectual property project that is about to emerge from R&D and you would like to find the most effective pathway to commercialisation, then this course is for you.

I am offering readers of my eBook, the first week of the 4-week course - absolutely free. If you like what you see and you can get an immediate benefit from the ebook, then you should download the course and learn the practical steps to get your project moving.

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