Consulting Services

Daniel and his team have been developing and implementing a wide variety of licensing and IP commercialisation programs for Australian companies and individual innovators, since 1987.

Our consultants have extensive experience in preparing situational analyses for planned product and service innovations, for even the most complex of concepts. All of our consultants have more than 5 years’ experience in a hands-on role, managing major corporate or public companies. All have relevant postgraduate degrees and have worked within the practical, “outside-in” commercialisation process, co-developed by Daniel O’Connor in Australia.

We provide our services to large corporate, tertiary institutions and individual innovators. We take the complexity and mystery out of commercialisation, so that owners can adapt these skills and rules to their next projects. While most consulting firms in this space are focussed around the legal and financial aspects of IP management, we are firmly focussed on the practical project management of getting R&D concepts into markets. We help you get your project to a realisation point, where you can cash in on the intellectual property through a defined, structured Exit.

We work with your senior management and contractors and we deliver accountability and regular project status review to ensure the project meets its milestones and achieves its outcomes in a timely manner. Delays cost projects money, and can create competition. When ideas are delayed, the the industry has an opportunity to catch up, and your project could face competition from the day of launch, despite any protective measures you have taken. Speed to market is generally tempered with quality and structured demand. Our teen users market validation points at every aspect of the development and the commercialisation, to ensure that project will meet the demand of the potential buyers and will be suitable for the distributors wholesalers or licensees.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • IP Audits and IP Portfolio management for larger companies
  • Quantifying intellectual property opportunities
  • Preparation of project plans and coordinating grant applications
  • Funding, budgeting and project-managing the early-stage commercialisation process
  • Market visits
  • Negotiations for commercial sale or licensing to maximise your intellectual property value

The Team can organise independent valuations of intellectual property and prepare position papers, project plans and patent briefs for commercialisation. This service can extend to the identification of target organisations likely to need the intellectual property.
We transition IP from the R&D process into early-stage commercialisation and can select and train the right commercial team to get the most out of the innovation, at the fastest possible rate.

We have commercialised intellectual property across a wide variety of industries and we have prepared and presented project position papers on concepts to prospective investors and negotiated joint-ventures, licences and sale of intellectual property around the World.

If an organisation has intellectual property that suits vending the licence into a new IPO start-up company, our trained consultants can negotiate a licence to use or distribute the IP within the client’s existing business territory.

The IP commercialisation services include:

  • Independently assessing the function and effectiveness of the innovations, under confidentiality agreements
  • Testing the proposed business model and the marketing model for the commercialisation process
  • Development of strategic and operational business plans together with the preparation and implementation of position papers, project development plans, a finance plan and grant assessments

Adequately defining what a project does and how it will attract buyers or users is crucial to success. The Consulting Team prepares concise position statements that define the project, the management team and key personnel, the corporate intent, the product range and development progress, the market and the industry as well as the capital structure and investment history.

Getting the appropriate resources, including Debt, grant or equity funding, key personnel, channel definition and commitment. We also prepare environment audits to determine any issues, factors or entities that could impact on your project, from such areas as political, legal, regulatory issues, social and societal issues, economic issues, competitive and technological issues. This audit process is used to ensure the project has addressed every external variable in the planning stages, prior to implementation.

The Most Common IP Transition Problems


  • you can’t get investors to back your project
  • you know the project is a good one, but everyone you show it to says no
  • you see projects which are nowhere near as good, getting funded
  • you want to be able to attract investors, at the right price, to help your project succeed
  • you know some of those investors will place their funds with lesser opportunities
  • in most cases, investors are not looking to buy what you want to sell them


  • Everybody around you is suddenly claiming ownership
  • R&D Personnel now think they are the most suitable people for the Commercialisation Phase
  • You want to produce in China but you know it is a risk. You don’t understand how big that risk is
  • The inventor won’t let go. Either the product needs more tweaks or iterations, or he/they believe it needs to be improved


  • The deals you want are in places you haven’t done business before.
  • You loaned the project money, but it isn’t in writing anywhere.
  • IP ownership is spread between people, companies, etc., with handshakes and loose agreements granting rights to the project.
  • Somebody you don’t know has started to produce your product.
  • Somebody who loaned you funds for R&D is now trying to close you down and take the IP as collateral.
  • You have staff and contractors who might consider joining the competitor.
  • Everyone in this business are major or multinational companies and you feel you might be too insignificant to negotiate with them.
  • You have no idea how to structure a licence agreement and you want the best and safest return for your shareholders.

Here is the Impact and consequences

  • without funding, your project patents may expire and your project might fail
  • you have invested years of your time and quite a bit of your household money or savings
  • if the patents lapse, you will not be able to protect the project from past prospective investors you have shown it to
  • the World needs this and without the right funding, we will all be deprived of it
  • you have over-committed family funds and you need to pull back financially
  • Your whole investment in time, money and know-how is wasted, if somebody else can get this out from under you

Here is the real underlying cause of the funding pain

  • most projects are not presentable as “investment-ready”
  • the opportunity may lack the Investor Perspective (5 elements of a sound investment opportunity)
  • in most cases the project needs to be packaged and the offer clearer
  • most projects are presented as R&D projects. Most investors look for commercial projects
  • most projects look for less funds than the advisors can manage. Paperwork costs would not be covered by the commissions
  • most project leaders mistakenly believe all investors want the same outcomes they do
  • the project management needs to show depth and experience, to reduce risk
  • most project opportunity presentations are the same for all types of prospective investors

Here is the most practical 3-step solution

Download our 6 min video which will show you the ways to make most projects get traction. This video presentation has been specifically designed for innovators and will:

  1. show you the five elements of an investment opportunity, for most investor profiles
  2. help you to package the opportunity as “investment-ready” including the offer, the audience, their wants, etc
  3. identify the appropriate investor profile, so your project has “exclusivity” for them

You can take the next step (for free)

If you feel you are ready to take action on your project and you understand the value of some expertise or coaching, you should download details on our 6-week online Commercialise Your Innovation course, so that you can become a member of our Intellectual Property Commercialisation mentoring group.

If your project has already transitioned into its commercialisation phase and is experiencing other roadblocks, you can contact us for a Strategic Opportunity Assessment interview.

  • log into Free Project Assessment and complete the questionnaire
  • upload the completed form (or fax it) to us and we will contact you
  • you will receive a 15 min on-line consultation with one of our senior people
If you can’t seem to get investors interested in your invention, this FREE eBook will show you the 5 Critical Must-Have’s that you need, to get Funding for Your Business Idea and get your innovation project funded and back on track.


5 Critical Must-Haves to Get Funding for Your Intellectual Property Project

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