Our History

Commercialise IP began life as The Centre for Industry Research and Strategy(CIR+S), having been formed as a contract consultancy, to service a prominent University in Western Australia during the 1980s.

This partnership was primarily formed to commercialise Intellectual Property created by the faculties. In so doing, the demand for services such as research, management and marketing advisory, coaching and financing/funding gradually evolved the fledgling organization into the specialised IP consultancy it is today.

Today, Commercialise IP has a diverse range of services focused on the following four core areas:

  • IP Portfolio Management
  • IP Project Management (R&D and Export)
  • Commialisation mentoring
  • Intellectual Property Commercialisation training and on-line courses

Our Approach

The Most Common IP Commercialisation Problem

  • you can’t get investors to back your project
  • you know the project is a good one, but everyone you show it to says no
  • you see projects which are nowhere near as good, getting funded
  • you want to be able to attract investors, at the right price, to help your project succeed
  • you know some of those investors will place their funds with lesser opportunities.
  • In most cases, investors are not looking to buy what you want to sell them

Here is the Impact and consequences

  • without funding, your project patents may expire and your project might fail
  • you have invested years of your time and quite a bit of your household money or savings
  • if the patents lapse, you will not be able to protect the project from past prospective investors you have shown it to.
  • the World needs this and without the right funding, we will all be deprived of it.
  • you have over-committed family funds and you need to pull back financially

Here is the real underlying cause of this pain

  • most projects are not presentable as “investment-ready”
  • the opportunity may lack the Investor Perspective (5 elements of a sound investment opportunity)
  • in most cases the project needs to be packaged and the offer clearer
  • most projects are presented as R&D projects. Most investors look for commercial projects.
  • most projects look for less funds than the advisors can manage. Paperwork costs would not be covered by the commissions.
  • most project leaders mistakenly believe all investors want the same outcomes they do
  • the project management needs to show depth and experience, to reduce risk.
  • most project opportunity presentations are the same for all types of prospective investors.

Here is the most practical 3-step solution

Download our 6 min video which will show you the ways to make most projects get traction. This video presentation has been specifically designed for innovators and weill:

  1. show you the five elements of an investment opportunity, for most investor profiles.
  2. Help you to package the opportunity as “investment-ready” including the offer, the audience, their currencies,
  3. identify the appropriate investor profile, so your project has “exclusivity” for them

You can take the next step (for free)

If you feel you are ready to take action on your project and you understand the value of some expertise or coaching, you should contact us for a Strategic Opportunity Assessment interview

  • log into our space and complete the questionnaire
  • upload the completed form (or fax it) to us and we will contact you
  • you will receive a 30 min on-line consultation with one of our senior people

Our Vision

Commercialise IP is a highly regarded specialist IP management consultancy practice in Australia, respected for our commitment to our clients, our innovative strategies, our collaborative approach to finding best fit business solutions, and most of all, the results we achieve for our clients.

Our Values

Commercialise IP has six key values which we strive to achieve within our organisation and with our clients.

These values reflect the importance we place on how we conduct ourselves and what we consider important in our daily interaction with our colleagues.

  • Freshness
  • Objectivity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Value
  • Professional Understanding

These values translate into simple actions that define our culture.

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We define what we will deliver, and we deliver results
  • We’re accountable for what we deliver
  • We work comfortably at all levels of an organisation
  • We enjoy working with each other
  • We help our clients and each other to achieve the unachievable
  • We do not make promises we cannot deliver
  • We do not compromise our independence for short term gain

The Principal

Daniel J. O’Connor B.Bus, MBA, FAICD (Dip), AAMI, MAIM, CPM

Daniel has spent more than 20 of his past 35 years in professional practice, with a specialisation in Intellectual Property Commercialisation. He has helped many companies achieve international trading with their concepts, through his structured process of planning, funding, and implementing the most appropriate  strategic options for the projects, the directors and the shareholders. space Daniel O'Connor
Daniel has been the Consultant Principal and majority shareholder in the practice since January 1997. He has planned and project-managed small to medium (public and private) companies over his career, with exceptional results. Daniel has carefully assembled a professional team of consultants across many disciplines, who can be available to plan and implement the change you desire.
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